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Long-Term Biogeochemical Changes in China's Anthropogenic Landscapes

Project Sites

Research SiteRegionResearcherInstitution

Gaoyi County
Hebei Province

North China Plain Kui Peng (彭奎) IGSNRR

Yixing County
Jiangsu Province

Yangtze Plain Junxi Wu ((武俊喜) NISS

Jintang County
Sichuan Province

Sichuan Hilly Shoucheng Li (李首成) CAU

Yiyang County
Hunan Province

Subtropical Hilly Xinping Liu (刘新平) NISS

Dianbai County
 Guangdong Province

Tropical Hilly Hongsheng Xiao (肖红生) CAU, SCAU

Cross site researchers:  Junxi Wu ((武俊喜; vegetation; CAU), Jiaguo Jiao (焦加国; soils; NISS)

Region Maps (pdf)

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Maps of Regions