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   Projects of the Laboratory for Anthropogenic Landscape Ecology



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Anthropogenic Biomes

Anthropogenic biomes are being developed as a new framework for observing, modeling and understanding the terrestrial biosphere that integrates human and ecological systems.  Project website...



2010 - 2018

GLOBE: Evolving New Global Workflows for Land Change Science

GLOBE aims to enable new scientific workflows based on statistically robust, globally relevant integration of local and regional observations using an online social-computational system.
2009 - 2018

Ecosynth: An Inexpensive 3D Ecosystem Scanner

A new user-deployed system for mapping and measuring vegetation biomass, carbon and potentially biodiversity across landsapes using regular digital cameras and computer vision software.
2008 - 2011

A Global Assessment of Landscape Fragmentation

A global sample of landscapes are being mapped from high resolution imagery to measure and model global relationships between human populations, land use and landscape structure. Project website...
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Long-Term Biogeochemical Changes in China's Anthropogenic Landscapes

A study of the local, regional and global impacts of long-term changes in landscape structure and biogeochemistry in China's densely populated agricultural landscapes, based on intensive field research at five sites in China.  Project website...
2002 - 2003

Ecotope Mapping in Watershed 263

Ecotopes were mapped across Watershed 263 in urban Baltimore City, Maryland.  Project website...
2002 - 2003

Ecotope Mapping in the Cub Hill Tower Airshed

Ecotopes were mapped across the footprint of the Cub Hill eddy covariance carbon flux tower in suburban Baltimore County, Maryland.  Project website...