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Anthropogenic Biomes of the World
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Rainfed Mosaic Villages

Rainfed Mosaic Villages

High rainfall characterizes the Rainfed Mosiac Village anthrome which incorporates nearly equal parts non-irrigated agriculture, forest, and residential areas.  The term mosaic is used to describe this highly heterogeneous anthrome which has the highest median net primary production of any village anthrome.  A wide mix of land cover allow the the moderate population to exploit the landscape of this anthrome in many ways leaving it quite fragmented.

Rainfed Mosaic Village is the only village anthrome that finds its top five constituent ecoregions on three continents and is not at all dominated by land in Asia.  In this way its characteristic heterogeneity almost seems fractal in nature. 


Median* Min Max
Mean Annual Temperature 18 °C -9.4 °C 29.8 °C
Mean Annual Precipitation 13
Net Primary Production Global Total Median Min Max
1015g C/yr (%) kg C/m²/yr
1.6 (3.1%)
0.66 0 2.12


Global Total Median Min Max
billion persons (%) persons/km²
Total 0.5 (7.8%)
192 100 2001
Non-Urban 0.34 (11%)
145 100 494

Land Use & Land Cover


Global Total
Median Min Max
million km2 (%) (cover %)
Total Land Area 2.2 (1.7%) N/A
Urban 0.03 (5.7%) 1.0% 0.0% 11%
Cultivated 0.45 (3.0%) 16% 0.0% 100%
Irrigated 0.1 (3.3%) 0.0% 0.0% 75%
Rice Paddy 0.07 (4.0%) 0.0% 0.0% 55%
Pasture 0.19 (0.7%) 3.5% 0.0% 66%
Tree Cover 0.65 (2.3%) 27% 0.0% 77%
Bare Earth 0.03 (0.1%) 0.3% 0.0% 18%
*Median, Minimum and Maximum estimates were calculated after removing the top and bottom 2% of cells in each anthrome based on the Euclidean distance across the means of variables used for anthrome classification.

Major Ecoregions (Olson)

% cover
Jian-Nan Subtropical Evergreen Forest 7.2
Changjiang Plain Evergreen Forest 4.3
Western European Broadleaf Forest 4.2
Ethiopan  Montane Grasslands and Woodlands 3.3
South China-Vietnam Subtrpical Evergreen Forest 2.2
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Photo: Peter, 7/6/2006, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0
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Andrew Petit de Mange & Kelly Kennedy

Based on: Anthropogenic Biomes of the World

Ellis, E. C. and N. Ramankutty. 2008. Putting people in the map: anthropogenic biomes of the world. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 6(8):439-447 doi:10.1890/070062. [download]