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Anthromes Paradigm for the Biosphere

Integrating Human Systems into Ecology & Earth Science

Human systems have emerged as a force of nature rivalling the climatic and geologic forces in shaping the terrestrial biosphere and its processes.

Anthromes offer a new way forward for Ecology and Earth Science in the Anthropocene

The Classic Paradigm
  Natural systems with humans disturbing them
  • Biosphere shaped primarily by biophysical systems.

  • Human influences characterized as a single dimension of "impact", "dominance", "footprint", or "appropriation".

  • Sustainable management of the biosphere is based on minimizing human influences.

The Anthromes Paradigm  
  Human systems, with natural systems embedded within them
  • Most of the biosphere reshaped by human systems.

  • Human systems are primary shapers of ecosystem form, process and biodiversity.

  • Humans create and sustain a diverse spectrum of anthropogenic ecosystems, or anthromes.

  • Planetary stewardship based on humans as permanent managers of the biosphere.