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USE = Forestry

Code: T

Description: planted, regularly managed, or planned for non-crop vegetation biomass harvest
Surface: burning
Vegetation: trees planted & managed for fiber or other product harvest/ rarely cropped/ vegetation
Water: usually no artificial water input
Livestock: variable
L1 Minimum: >5m
L2 Minimum: >10m
Identification: seasonal NDVI/ stand structure/ prior knowlege

Compatible Classes

Anthropogenic Mounded Excavated Terraced Slope Floodplain Foot Slope Bench Plateau Summit Sloping Steep Slope Marsh Flowing Marsh Shallow Stream Seasonal Stream Seasonal River Water Margin Canal Margin River Margin
Annual Mixed Perennial
tall graminoids deciduous forestry plantings evergreen forestry plantings open woody mix open wooded brush open mixed trees closed woody mix closed woody evergreen closed woody deciduous mixed trees deciduous broadleaf trees deciduous needleleaf trees evergreen broadleaf trees evergreen needleleaf trees
Mapped Ecotopes

ANTAtg01 ANTPeb01 ANTPen01 ANTPmt03 ANTPtg03 BPTMow02 FPTAtg01 FPTMow02 FPTPdt01 FPTPtg02 FPTPtg03 FPTPtg04 FSTPot03 SLTMow01 SLTMow02 SLTMpe02 SLTMpe03 SLTPcw02 SLTPdt02 SLTPeb01 SLTPeb02 SLTPen01 SLTPen02 SLTPen03 SLTPmt02 SLTPmt03 SLTPob01 SLTPob02 SLTPot01 SLTPot02 SLTPtg04 SLTPwd02 SLTPwe02 SSTMow01 SSTMow02 SSTMow03 SSTPen01 SSTPen02 SSTPen03 SSTPmt03 SSTPob02 SSTPot01 SSTPot02 SSTPot03 SSTPtg04 SUTMow02

Citation for AEM: Ellis E. C., H. Wang, H. Xiao, K. Peng, X. P. Liu, S. C. Li, H. Ouyang, X. Cheng, and L. Z. Yang. 2006. Measuring long-term ecological changes in densely populated landscapes using current and historical high resolution imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment 100(4):457-473.