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GROUP: hydromorphic vegetation (hv)
DEFINITION: non-crop hydromorphic emergent herbaceous vegetation (Tree cover <<10%). Hydromorphic emergent vegetation is defined here as rooted emergent herbaceous vegetation adapted to standing water at least one month per year. USE = Fallow, Ornamental (in a managed park or garden) or Disturbed, depending on presence of debris and whether it is in the potentially Disturbed area.

Table of Contents


  1. Object
    1. persistent emergent vegetation = plants remain standing all year (Cowardin 1979)
    2. nonpersistent emergent vegetation = plants die back at end of growing season (Cowardin 1979)
  2. Vegetation
    1. grass-like = >75% reeds, canes, wildrice, sedges and other grass-like species. Examples: Phragmites sp., Zizania sp.
    2. non-grass-like = >75% broadleaf water plants and other non-grass-like herbaceous species. Examples: Sagittaria sp.
    3. mixed = mixture of grass-like + non-grass-like vegetation.


  1. persistent emergent vegetation
    1. grass-like = hv01
    2. non-grass-like = hv02
    3. mixed grass & broadleaf cover = hv03
  2. ferns = hv04

Dominance Rules

  1. IF TYPE with greater vegetation cover area is very similar or otherwise unclear:
    1. Choose mixed over grass-like over non-grass-like.
    2. Choose persistent over nonpersistent.
  2. tg01 may appear to overlap with hv01.
    1. IF FORM = FP or AN, either tg01 or hv01 may be chosen, as identified in the field based on the degree to which vegetation species are hydromorphic (hv01).
    2. IF the FORM of the feature is any TR FORM: choose hv01.
    3. IF the FORM is any TE FORM, choose tg01.


Leaf Type: mixed
Leaf Time: annual
Tree Cover: <<10%
Vegetation Cover: >90%
Height: <3m
L1 Minimum: >2m linear, >10m polygon
L2 Minimum: >0.2m linear, >5m polygon

Compatible Classes



Anthropogenic Floodplain Marsh Flowing Marsh Shallow Stream Seasonal Stream Seasonal River Water Margin Canal Margin River Margin


Disturbed Forestry Fallow Pristine




Mapped Ecotopes

ANDAhv01 CMDAhv01 CMFAhv01 FMDAhv01 FMFAhv01 FPFAhv01 MADAhv01 MADAhv04 MAFAhv01 MAFAhv03 MAFAhv04 WMDAhv01 WMFAhv01  

Citation for AEM: Ellis E. C., H. Wang, H. Xiao, K. Peng, X. P. Liu, S. C. Li, H. Ouyang, X. Cheng, and L. Z. Yang. 2006. Measuring long-term ecological changes in densely populated landscapes using current and historical high resolution imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment 100(4):457-473.