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GROUP: household plantings (hp)
DEFINITION: household & individually-managed ornamental plantings, may have (<10m) turfgrass patches and a limited amount of agriculture/horticulture. Must be <75% agricultural area in terms of cultivated area (not perennial canopy cover). This includes household yards, grave area plantings, and other plantings by households or individuals that are not planned for production uses. To be considered a household planting, there must be clear evidence of private land ownership or management, such as vegetation management associated with houses, or by private fences, edging, hedgerows, or walls. USE = Ornamental. This GROUP does NOT include >10m plantings planned for harvest or extraction, though it may include <75% area of agriculture or vegetation harvest.

Table of Contents


  1. Object
    1. household planting
    2. household grave planting
  2. Modifier 1
    1. uncultivated = <60% cultivated or managed vegetation cover
    2. cultivated = >60% cultivated or managed vegetation cover.
  3. Vegetation
    1. non-woody
    2. woody/some trees
    3. tree covered (>60%)
  4. Scale (of management)
    1. linear = <1o m width, length is >4 times width.
    2. small (<30m) areal
    3. large (>30m) areal


  1. household planting
    1. uncultivated
      1. non-woody
        1. linear = hp01
        2. small (<30m) areal = hp02
        3. large (>30m) areal = hp03
      2. woody/some trees
        1. linear = hp04
        2. small (<30m) areal = hp05
        3. large (>30m) areal = hp06
      3. tree covered (>60%)
        1. linear= hp07
        2. small (<30m) areal = hp08
        3. large (>30m) areal = hp09
    2. cultivated
      1. non-woody
        1. linear = hp10
        2. small (<30m) areal = hp11
        3. large (>30m) areal = hp12
      2. woody/some trees
        1. linear = hp13
        2. small (<30m) areal = hp14
        3. large (>30m) areal = hp15
      3. tree covered (>60%)
        1. linear = hp16
        2. small (<30m) areal = hp17
        3. large (>30m) areal = hp18
  2. household grave planting
    1. non-woody = hp30
    2. woody/some trees = hp31
    3. tree covered (>60%) = hp32

Dominance Rules

  1. IF TYPE with greater area is very similar or otherwise unclear:
    1. Choose cultivated over uncultivated.
    2. Choose household planting over household grave planting.
  2. IF GROUP with greater area is very similar or otherwise unclear:
    1. Choose household plantings over public plantings.


Leaf Type: mixed
Leaf Time: mixed
Tree Cover: mixed
Vegetation Cover: >90%
Height: both <3m & >3m
L1 Minimum: >2m linear, >10m polygon
L2 Minimum: >0.2m linear, >5m polygon

Compatible Classes



Anthropogenic Mounded Excavated Terraced Slope Floodplain Foot Slope Bench Plateau Summit Sloping Steep Slope




Annual Mixed Perennial


hp00unknown household plantings type.

Mapped Ecotopes

ANOAhp02 ANOAhp03 ANOAhp10 ANOAhp11 ANOAhp12 ANOMhp05 ANOMhp06 ANOMhp13 ANOMhp14 ANOMhp15 ANOMhp31 ANOPhp08 ANOPhp16 ANOPhp17 ANOPhp18 ANOPhp32 FPOPhp08 SLOMhp06 SUOAhp10 SUOMhp15  

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