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GROUP: greenhouse (gh)
DEFINITION: greenhouses & horticultural builtup areas with plants in pots, benches or under cover, in use or >50% cover

Table of Contents


  1. Object
    1. earth & plastic greenhouses = earth wall structure with plastic cover (semi-permanent), plastic may be opened during hot season.
    2. glass or plastic greenhouses = permanent glass or plastic/metal structure: does not include temporary plastic/metal greenhouses.
    3. open-air horticultural area = non-enclosed permanent structure open to sky, used for production of plants in pots or other artificial media, not in soil.
    4. roofed horticultural area = permanent roof-covered (rain does not penetrate), but not fully-enclosed structure, used for production of plants in pots or other artificial media, not in soil.
  2. Modifier 1 (structure type)
    1. permeable floor = floors of earth, may be compacted or covered with permeable temporary surface with some water penetration.
    2. sealed floor = floor covered by permanent impermeable surface such as concrete or heavy plastic.
  3. Scale
    1. small <30 m
    2. large >30 m


  1. earth & plactic greenhouses
    1. permeable floor
      1. small <30 m = gh01
      2. large >30 m = gh02
  1. glass or plastic greenhouses
    1. sealed floor
      1. small <30 m = gh03
      2. large >30 m = gh04
  1. open-air horticultural area
    1. sealed floor
      1. small <30 m = gh05
      2. large >30 m = gh06
    2. permeable floor
      1. small <30 m = gh07
      2. large >30 m = gh08
  1. roofed horticultural area
    1. sealed floor
      1. small <30 m = gh09
      2. large >30 m = gh10
    2. permeable floor
      1. small <30 m = gh11
      2. large >30 m = gh12

Dominance Rules

  1. IF TYPE with greater area is very similar or otherwise unclear:
    1. Choose earth & plastic greenhouses over glass or plastic greenhouses over open-air horticultural area over roofed horticultural area.
    2. Choose permeable floor over sealed floor.


Leaf Type: none
Leaf Time: none
Tree Cover: <10%
Vegetation Cover: <10%
Height: 0m
IGBP_DIS: Urban and built-up
L1 Minimum: >5m
L2 Minimum: >2m

Compatible Classes



Anthropogenic Mounded Excavated






Mapped Ecotopes

ANHSgh01 ANHSgh02 ANHSgh08  

Citation for AEM: Ellis E. C., H. Wang, H. Xiao, K. Peng, X. P. Liu, S. C. Li, H. Ouyang, X. Cheng, and L. Z. Yang. 2006. Measuring long-term ecological changes in densely populated landscapes using current and historical high resolution imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment 100(4):457-473.