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GROUP: aquaculture (aq)
DEFINITION:  aquatic livestock and/or crops.  Determine scale of individual pond features, and TYPE of livestock or aquatic plants based on local expert knowledge (ask local producers).  Aquaculture in temporary pens or nets in flowing water bodies such as rivers should NOT be mapped as aquaculture.

Table of Contents


  1. Object
    1. generic freshwater fish culture = fish culture, of unspecified fish.
    2. floating aquatic crops = Example: Ling (Trapa natans), Water chestnut (Eleocharis tuberosa).
    3. generic or mixed freshwater livestock culture = freshwater livestock production that is either a mixture of different types of aquatic livestock, or is not fish, shrimp, crab, mollusk/pearl or another specified type of aquatic livestock production.
    4. generic freshwater shrimp culture
    5. generic freshwater crab culture
    6. generic freshwater mollusk/pearl culture = production of pearls from freshwater mollusks.
  2. Scale (of individual ponds)
    1. small (<30m) areal
    2. medium-scale (>30m to 1ha)
    3. large-scale (>1 ha)


  1. generic freshwater fish culture
    1. small (<30m) areal = aq01
    2. medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) = aq02
    3. large-scale (>1 ha) = aq03
  2. floating aquatic crops
    1. small (<30m) areal = aq04
    2. medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) = aq05
    3. large-scale (>1 ha) = aq06
  3. generic or mixed freshwater livestock culture
    1. small (<30m) areal = aq07
    2. medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) = aq08
    3. large-scale (>1 ha) = aq09
  4. generic freshwater shrimp culture
    1. small (<30m) areal = aq10
    2. medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) = aq11
    3. large-scale (>1 ha) = aq12
  5. generic freshwater crab culture
    1. small (<30m) areal = aq13
    2. medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) = aq14
    3. large-scale (>1 ha) = aq15
  6. generic freshwater mollusk/pearl culture
    1. small (<30m) areal = aq16
    2. medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) = aq17
    3. large-scale (>1 ha) = aq18

Dominance Rules

  1. IF TYPE with greater area is very similar or otherwise unclear:
    1. Choose generic or mixed freshwater livestock culture over any other aquatic livestock.


Leaf Type: none
Leaf Time: none
Tree Cover: <<10%
Vegetation Cover: variable
Height: 0m
IGBP_DIS: Water bodies
Identification: water signature
L1 Minimum: >5m
L2 Minimum: >2m

Compatible Classes



Anthropogenic Floodplain Foot Slope Bench Plateau Summit Sloping Steep Slope Marsh Flowing Marsh Shallow Stream Seasonal Stream Seasonal River Water Margin Canal Margin River Margin Small Pond Large Pond Reservoir Small Canal Large Canal Lake Stream River






aq00unknown aquaculture type.
aq01small-scale (<30m) generic freshwater fish culture.
aq02medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) generic freshwater fish culture.
aq03large-scale (>1 ha) generic freshwater fish culture.
aq04small-scale (<30m) floating aquatic crops.
aq05medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) floating aquatic crops.
aq06large-scale (>1 ha) floating aquatic crops.
aq07small-scale (<30m) generic or mixed freshwater livestock culture.
aq08medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) generic or mixed freshwater livestock culture.
aq09large-scale (>1 ha) generic or mixed freshwater livestock culture.
aq10small-scale (<30m) generic freshwater shrimp culture.
aq11medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) generic freshwater shrimp culture.
aq12large-scale (>1 ha) generic freshwater shrimp culture.
aq13small-scale (<30m) generic freshwater crab culture.
aq14medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) generic freshwater crab culture.
aq15large-scale (>1 ha) generic freshwater crab culture.
aq16small-scale (<30m) generic freshwater mollusk/pearl production.
aq17medium-scale (>30m to 1ha) generic freshwater mollusk/pearl production.
aq18large-scale (>1 ha) generic freshwater mollusk/pearl production.

Mapped Ecotopes

CAAWaq08 CBAWaq08 PAAWaq01 PAAWaq02 PAAWaq03 PAAWaq04 PAAWaq07 PAAWaq08 PBAWaq01 PBAWaq02 PBAWaq03 PBAWaq07 PBAWaq08 PBAWaq11 PBAWaq14  

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