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FORM = Anthropogenic

Code: AN

Description: Anthropogenic earthen or sealed structures and surfaces.
Position: Many
Form: Impermeable
Soil: Anthropogenic
Sedimentary Process: Source & Sink: anthropogenic fill/ erosion/ erosive input
L1 Minimum: >2m
L2 Minimum: >0.1m
Identification: artificial or builtup surfaces
Compatible Classes

Constructed Livestock Horticulture Mine & Fill Disturbed Ornamental Paddy Irrigated Rainfed Shifting Forestry Variable
Sealed Barren Bare soil Annual Mixed Perennial
housing farm buildings non-industrial industrial transportation irrigation other sealed excavation infill & dumping disturbed & debris livestock greenhouse household plantings public plantings turfgrass hydromorphic crops annual crops pasture mixed crop plots nursery deciduous woody crops evergreen woody crops deciduous tree crops evergreen tree crops agroforestry hydromorphic vegetation tall graminoids annual vegetation deciduous forestry plantings evergreen forestry plantings open woody mix open wooded brush open mixed trees closed woody mix closed woody evergreen closed woody deciduous mixed trees deciduous broadleaf trees deciduous needleleaf trees evergreen broadleaf trees evergreen needleleaf trees variable
Mapped Ecotopes

ANCEir01 ANCEir07 ANCEos09 ANCEtr01 ANCSfb03 ANCSfb05 ANCSfb06 ANCSfb07 ANCSho01 ANCSho02 ANCSho03 ANCSho04 ANCSho05 ANCSho06 ANCSho07 ANCSho08 ANCSib01 ANCSib02 ANCSib03 ANCSib06 ANCSib08 ANCSib31 ANCSir02 ANCSir03 ANCSnb01 ANCSnb03 ANCSnb04 ANCSnb05 ANCSnb06 ANCSnb07 ANCSnb08 ANCSnb30 ANCSos01 ANCSos02 ANCSos03 ANCSos04 ANCSos05 ANCSos06 ANCSos07 ANCSos08 ANCStr02 ANCStr03 ANCStr04 ANCStr05 ANCStr07 ANDAdb03 ANDAdb06 ANDAdb09 ANDAdb14 ANDAhv01 ANDEdb01 ANDEdb02 ANDMdb04 ANDMdb07 ANDMdb10 ANDMdb12 ANDMdb13 ANDMdb15 ANDPdb05 ANDPdb08 ANDPdb11 ANDPdb16 ANHSgh01 ANHSgh02 ANHSgh08 ANIAac04 ANLPls08 ANLSls18 ANLSls19 ANLSls21 ANLSls36 ANLSls40 ANLSls41 ANLSls42 ANLSls43 ANLSls48 ANLSls54 ANLSls56 ANLSls69 ANMEex01 ANMEin01 ANMEin03 ANMEin04 ANOAgr01 ANOAgr04 ANOAgr05 ANOAgr08 ANOAhp02 ANOAhp03 ANOAhp10 ANOAhp11 ANOAhp12 ANOApp13 ANOApp14 ANOApp15 ANOMhp05 ANOMhp06 ANOMhp13 ANOMhp14 ANOMhp15 ANOMhp31 ANOMpp05 ANOMpp06 ANOMpp17 ANOMpp18 ANOMpp19 ANOMpp20 ANOPhp08 ANOPhp16 ANOPhp17 ANOPhp18 ANOPhp32 ANOPpp09 ANOPpp11 ANOPpp21 ANOPpp22 ANOPpp23 ANRAac01 ANRAac04 ANRMmc01 ANRMnr14 ANRPdw39 ANRPoe33 ANTAtg01 ANTPeb01 ANTPen01 ANTPmt03 ANTPtg03 ANDSdb17

Citation for AEM: Ellis E. C., H. Wang, H. Xiao, K. Peng, X. P. Liu, S. C. Li, H. Ouyang, X. Cheng, and L. Z. Yang. 2006. Measuring long-term ecological changes in densely populated landscapes using current and historical high resolution imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment 100(4):457-473.