Aug 03 2010

3D Ecosystem Scanning Presented at ESA

Today I am giving my first oral presentation about our Ecosynth 3D ecosystem scanning system at the annual Ecological Society of America meeting in Pittsburgh PA; this is also my first professional oral presentation!  I am presenting in an Organized Oral Session on Citizen Science to Remote Sensing, the abstract of my talk is here, link.  I am very excited and I think that this will be a great session to present on our new approach for remote sensing of ecosystems in 3D.

I will post my slides after the talk!


UPDATE: OK, so the talk went great and was very well received by the audience.  I am having some technical difficulties uploading the powerpoint file.  If you would like a copy please send me an email and I will find a way to get it to you: jdando1 <at> umbc <dot> edu

UPDATE2: I have uploaded my presentation as a PDF file.  It looks like I was running into filesize limitations on the upload.  This strips out my 3D animated graphics, but everything else is still OK.

DANDOIS_and_ELLIS_ESA2010_OOS18-10.pdf (6.18 mb)

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